SEO is a hugely competitive field, and what a lot of people don’t realize is that while it’s an ‘electronic’ field, workforce matters, and you need a lot of resources to rank a website well for a highly competitive keyword. We are proud of our SEO knowledge, and our network of contacts. We can take on most jobs, and we can work with companies from a huge number of different places, but we know our limits, and we are always willing to ask for help when we need it – because the thing that matters most is delivering top quality service to our clients.

 We work with each other to ensure that our clients enjoy the highest possible rankings, as quickly as possible. We know that SEO is challenging and that when people come to us they are paying good money and they expect to get good results.

Our Chicago-based partner has good knowledge of the local area – and that knowledge is crucial for helping to ensure that our customers enjoy good ranking.

In theory, SEO can be done by anyone, from anywhere in the world – but there are so many ways that local knowledge makes SEO more efficient. This is especially true with the growing popularity of local search and mobile devices. You aren’t just marketing to a specific keyword (if that were the case then only the biggest brands would have any chance of ever getting anywhere) rather, you are marketing your niche in your location. This levels the playing field somewhat, but it means that local slang, locations, directories and news events matter.

If you wanted to reach parents in your area, which forum would you post to? If you wanted to talk to people who liked martial arts in the UK, would you post on the “biggest” martial arts forum in the world, or would you go to the one owned by the UK’s most popular martial arts show? Do you even know what that show is called?

That’s the sort of thing that our local partners can help us with. Our Chicago SEO link building partner knows the culture, the consumers, the competitors, and the resources, and that means they can spend their time wisely to help our clients – and often, our customers can help their customers too. It’s a relationship that has a lot of synergies, and that we’ve run with a lot of success.

For some reason, a lot of webmasters are nervous about ever linking out to other sites – even sites that aren’t direct competitors. They mistakenly believe that by linking out they are putting themselves in a position where they will lose “link juice.” That isn’t how it works. Yes, if you link out to a huge number of pages you might look like you’re a lower quality resource, perhaps just spamming lots of links in the hopes of getting some back – but the right links, to the right places, will benefit you. Getting the right votes from the right local services will help too.

Having access to local media is important. Having someone who knows how to reach the local blogging community is also useful. The kind of things that the average remote SEO company will do – social bookmarking, web 2.0, directory submissions and on-site improvements, will only get you so far. SEO takes a much bigger approach, and you’ll find that life gets a lot easier when you have an SEO agency that is willing to go the extra mile and engage with bloggers, the media, and other local Chicago businesses.

Our partner helps us by providing us with that local knowledge, and we help them with our technical expertise – that can be applied to any property, anywhere in the world. Together, we know that we can help Chicago-based businesses to become more visible in the search engines. We are selective with our clientele. It would be unfair to represent more than one organization that is operating in the same field.

That is because that could lead to us effectively competing with ourselves – but if we take you on to our books, then it means we believe that we can do your brand justice, and get you the visibility that you deserve for your brand and the traffic that comes with it.

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